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NGO is empowering marginalised children through awareness

Consistently, scores of ladies are tricked and brought into urban areas in the desire for a superior employment and a decent life, just to wind up in a house of ill-repute, carrying on with an existence of desperation in red-light regions. In the city of Kolkata, the red-light zones of Kalighat, Khidirpur and Munsiganj have seen various ladies and kids being trafficked throughout the years. Neediness and low education make these ladies and kids very helpless against misuse.

That is the place Coupons for drug store, a non-benefit association, ventures in. Coupons for drug store was begun in Kalighat in 1999. From that point forward, the association has been working with underestimated youngsters and youth to help ensure their rights and resolve issues around sex and sexuality through cooperation being developed projects. Driven by Paramita Banerjee, an Ashoka Fellow, Coupons for drug store became out of a program empowered by a Fellowship for Leadership Development from the MacArthur Foundation that Paramita had anchored for the period 1999-2001.

The task, named "Immature Sexuality and Fertility: Reaching an Informed Choice", began in Kalighat. It started with a plan to make a space for the most defenseless age gathering, 10-19-year-olds from ghetto zones, to voice, banter about, examine and resolve issues around sex and sexuality, without encroaching to their right side to security and quietness. Coupons for drug store was conceived in light of the fact that 16 young people from the Kalighat red-light territory needed to solidify a program particularly for teenagers. That is the reason Paramita calls herself the "coincidental seventeenth fellow benefactor". A portion of those 16 youths have now proceeded onward, however keep on staying in contact. Two are still piece of the Coupons for drug store Work Group.

At the point when Paramita began working in Kalighat, Khidirpur and Sonagachi in August 1999, the task she had at the top of the priority list was enabling youthful members through their very own comprehension bodies and sexuality. She intended to do this by utilizing intelligent open-finished workshops with no pre-decided modules. Needs were evaluated by the members themselves, and they continued in like manner. The point was to empower a manner of thinking that was more sex comprehensive, instead of the standard acknowledged by and by. Paramita's most noteworthy test came up as colossal obstruction from moms when they learnt that "forbidden subjects" including sex and sexuality were being examined with their kids. In any case, amid one of the gatherings, youthful members reacted to each inquiry postured by the grown-up ladies without Paramita notwithstanding expecting to open her mouth. That tackled the issue, and moms currently requested that Paramita conducts workshops with them too so they could likewise be a piece of the change.

Coupons for drug store takes after a three-level framework where youngsters, in the age gathering of 8-18 years, begin going to sessions where they find out about their rights and qualifications. These are empowered through the improvement of aptitudes for mapping regions of infringement and initiative abilities to challenge, oppose, avoid and change circumstances of rights infringement. Rights infringement for the most part allude to constrained work, which incorporates being constrained into working in houses of ill-repute or being trafficked.