A social business person met school understudies to spread mindfulness about an Earth-wide temperature boost, little did he understand then that a thought from one of the youngsters would change the life of hundreds in Tamil Nadu. Around more than two years prior, the 25-year-old began a non-benefit association, "No Food Waste" in Coimbatore which gathers sustenance from weddings and gatherings to disperse to poor people and hungry.

With a mission to annihilate hunger, Balaji, Managing Trustee, No Food Waste clarified, "We squander a normal of 40% of sustenance after it is cooked. In this way, our fundamental point is to kill hunger." Today, the association circulates sustenance to 300 - 400 individuals in Coimbatore consistently. "We have recognized around 100 areas in Coimbatore which incorporates shelters, ghettos and so forth.," said Balaji, Managing Trustee, No Food Waste.

With the assistance of a helpline, the non-benefit accepts calls from the individuals who might have generally needed to disposable new sustenance and afterward appropriates it to the closest area. Likewise, Balaji says that a cooking administration gives 100 nourishment bundles to them to disperse month to month.
To keep up sustenance quality, Balaji stated, "We endeavor to disperse the nourishment inside thirty minutes after we gather the nourishment. We additionally check the nature of nourishment by tasting it. We never acknowledge extra nourishment, just immaculate sustenance."

Since its dispatch, No Food Waste has extended its impression to Chennai, Salem, Pollachi, Erode, Delhi, Tadepalligudem, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad and will before long be in Trichy, Madurai and Tirunelveli. With a get level of 96%, the association has encouraged more than 1.82 lakh individuals and checking.

Yet, their main goal to destroy hunger has not been simple. Notwithstanding getting calls for 1000 sustenance bundles in Chennai, the Managing Trustee, regrets that they can't gather a large portion of the bundles because of activity and the time taken to drive between places. The association has additionally introduced "Nourishment and Beverage ATMs" close eateries. "We have four such fridges, two in both Coimbatore and Salem, it is put close eateries. Individuals can give nourishment there, poor people and destitute can come and get sustenance from these ATMs. It can serve 30 individuals every day.